Lauren Oakley new PA to Executive Director

MDA is pleased to introduce the ED's new PA - Lauren Oakley

With the ever increasing demands on compliance, process and management systems, it was evident that MDA required expanding its staff experience base. The attainment of ISO 9001 Certification has added a significant positive boost to the MDA’s credibility however that comes at a cost of regular auditing.

With this in mind, MDA employed Lauren Oakley as Personal Assistant to the Executive Director with the additional role of Internal ISO Auditor. Lauren’s previous experience as Administration Officer at Victoria University (VU) placed her in good stead to meet the demands of the newly created position at MDA.

At VU, Lauren had a wide portfolio of tasks and many were centered on student and client services. She not only looked after the information needs of local students but was also responsible for the international students both on and off-shore. The University Open Day planning and coordination also fell under Lauren’s jurisdiction.

Like any bureaucracy, VU has a significant compliance requirement and Lauren was responsible for maintaining Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) reporting.

With a significant number of students at VU, accurate record keeping and data and maintenance of student electronic files was another of Lauren’s responsibilities.

So it is with a high level of experience that Lauren joins MDA in what will be the next phase in her professional development.

“Many of my roles saw me dealing directly with the public and I am looking forward to meeting and working with the members of the MDA community. I also enjoy travelling and meeting new people. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Thailand and USA and spent five weeks in South America returning in time to take up my new position at MDA. Of course seeing parts of Australia is also high on my travel destination agenda and a highlight was sailing the Great Barrier Reef.” said Lauren.

And the fact Lauren is a keen Bombers supporter definitely helped her with a successful interview outcome!

It’s a warm welcome to MDA we extend to Lauren Oakley.


Lauren Oakley



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