MDA appoints a scientific communications specialist

MDA expands its communications capability with the appointment of Kristina Elvidge PhD as its Scientific Communications Officer

Who is Kristina Elvidge you may ask? Well, I trained as a scientist completing a PhD in Perth in molecular biology which was followed by five years of medical research at the University of Oxford. I was then all set to return home to Australia but my plans were scuppered by a handsome young man (my future husband) who convinced me to stay in the UK. I then decided it was time to leave the laboratory bench and was fortunate to land a job doing research communication for the UK’s MDA – the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. This was a rewarding, yet challenging, four years which involved helping people affected by muscular dystrophy and other related conditions understand the research into treatments.

In the UK I provided information and updates in publications such as newsletters, on the website and by talking face to face with people. Although I enjoyed all of this immensely I still missed home and was delighted when my husband’s work offered him a transfer to Melbourne. I was seven months pregnant at the time which was a little inconvenient, but we packed up quickly and jumped on a plane while I still could! It’s now just over a year since my little girl Amelie was born, I’m ready to return to work and to my delight I was offered a job at your MDA doing similar work to that I was doing in London.

It is an exciting time for muscular dystrophy research with breakthroughs in the lab every day and clinical trials starting all over the world. Living in Australia we often feel far removed from these advances happening in the rest of the world but I hope to keep you up to date. Unfortunately however, as Boris explained in the December 2012 Messenger, all too often false hope is raised too, so a major aim will be to sort the wheat from the chaff and ensure that expectations are realistic. I also plan to tell you all about the exciting work of the National Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre – where the hard earned funds raised through the MDA go. Raising the profile of this research will surely result in more funds to push this work forward.

Outside of work, most of my time is taken up with looking after my little one these days, but I always make time for yoga, good food and wine and the coffee addiction I have developed since moving to Brunswick.

I am looking forward to returning to work with the MD community and the scientists that are striving to find effective treatments. Feel free to call me or drop by the office if there’s anything I can help you with – I will be working Mondays and Fridays.

Kristina Elvidge

Kristina Elvidge PhD



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