General Motors - Commodore Missions

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) will receive a loan of a Holden Commodore today as part of Commodore Missions, a program designed to thank the wider community for making Commodore Australia’s best-selling car for 15 years.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association will take receipt of their Commodore at 10am today from Holden’s headquarters in Port Melbourne. Muscular Dystrophy Association Commodore will be used to support the transport of patients to weekend support services, CampMDA, information groups, and clinics.

15 cars in total will be loaned across Australia to the 15 successful charities who applied for use of a Commodore on Holden’s Facebook page last month. The Commodore loan will be for three weeks.

Chairman and Managing Director Mike Devereux said Commodore Missions allows Holden to work with a range of Australian organisations that are as much a part of the Australian community as the Commodore itself.

“Commodore resonates with Australians, it’s become part of our history and our heritage and many of us grew up with a Commodore.” Mr Devereux said.

“With this program, we want to take that community involvement one step further, by sending 15 Commodores out on a mission to help local communities. We can’t wait to see all the great work these Commodores can do with the winning charities. ”

Muscular Dystrophy Australia Executive Director Boris M Struk said of the loan:

"I am absolutely delighted at the generosity and recognition provided by GM Holden in support of Muscular Dystrophy. This means so much to the one in 1,000 Australians affected by this debilitating muscle-destroying disorder. This Commodore will assist MDA to deliver further services to a community in great need."

MDA ED Boris M Struk and Client Services Manager, Marie Fleming accept the keys to Commodore Missions vehicle..



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