MD Respite Programs

The MDA provides a number of Respite Services to benefit families and primary carers.

National CampMDA

National Camp MDA is a week-long camp, held four times a year at various sites in SE Australian locations, for people affected by Muscular Dystrophy or related Neuromuscular Disorders. The MDA accepts registrations from any age for, example our youngest "camper" was 5 whereas our oldest was "over 65" (but we're not letting you know how old he really was!). National CampMDA is conducted during school holidays, these are in January, April, July and September and participants have travelled from throughout Australia to attend National CampMDA. Participants have also attended from new Zealand. An open invitation is also made to the International MD community. If you're planning to be in Australia during the course of National CampMDA and would like to attend, please register to secure a place at Camp.

Click here to visit the official National CampMDA website.

Futures Force

Futures Force is a program conducted by the MDA and funded by the Victorian State Government through the Department of Human Services. The Program provides educational, recreational and vocational opportunities for clients who are aged 18 years and over and who are affected by neuromuscular disorders (NMD).

MDA conducted a Pilot Program in 1997 after a need was identified for clients affected by a variety of NMD, particularly Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

Participants in the Futures Force Program are mainly affected by DMD.

Futures Force Program has evolved from a one-on-one home based pilot program in 1997 to a regular forum at the MDA Centre. To date over 45,000 hours of program activity have been provided through Futures Force.

This initiative provides quality of life opportunities for young men who are affected by DMD and who are beyond secondary school age. The Program provides a medium for these people to meet and collectively experience many opportunities. One of the aims of the FFYA Program is to maximise opportunities commensurate with the physical abilities of the participants.

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OperationMD ShortBreak!

OperationMD ShortBreak! provides parents or primary carers of affected MD children with a sometimes much needed short break from the duites associated in caring for that individual. The MDA provides planned respite through a novel and much applauded program. Trained MDA staff collect children from their home, usually early on a Saturday morning and return them back home early Sunday evening.

So what happens at "OperationMD ShortBreak!"? Fun things! Movies, ten pin bowling, visiting shopping malls, going to the Zoo or just spending time with your mates. It's a program that delivers fun for the kids and respite for the family.

Click here to see further details on OperationMD ShortBreak!.

OperationMD SWAP!

OperationMD SWAP! - (Social Weekend Adult Program) provides an opportunity for the adult members of the MD community to get-together in a friendly social environment to rpovide respite for the primary carer. Trained MDA staff provide the support required to ensure that program participants have a memorable experience.

So what happens at "OperationMD SWAP!"?

Click here to see further details and Program Timetable.

Wheelies' Rest

MDA's Philip Island Holiday House is conveniently locatd just several hundred meters from the fully accessible Smith's Beach.

Wheelies' Rest can accomodate up to 12 persons in a fully accessible purpose built facility. Equipment is provided and includes; ceiling hoist, commode, excellent bathroom / toilet access, laundry facilities and many more features.

To see more, visit the Wheelies' Rest website click here.

These programs are available, however please note, they may not be available or accessible in all geographic locations. To find out more - contact the MDA on 03 9320 9555 or email



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