MDA Disclaimer


Historically, the term Muscular Dystrophy encompasses all Muscular Dystrophies and neuromuscular disorders (NMD). Therefore, Muscular Dystrophy is also a NMD.

While the MDA provides information on a wide range of similar disorders which may have a component of muscle wasting or peripheral neuropathy, the provision of this information does not imply that the particular disorder is a neuromuscular disorder. The information is being provided as a convenience for people accessing The Home of MDA or through the provision of printed material direct from the MDA.

The MDA’s Charter is to provide support and services to people whose primary and underlying medical condition fits the category of a Neuromuscular Disorder and not where the symptoms of a disorder mimics muscle wasting or a neuropathy. A comprehensive list of NMDs covered by the MDA is listed on the website and within several brochures produced by the MDA.



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